Water Management Services

Our expert teams will help you to assess, manage and mitigate risks relating to water hygiene issues, as well as training your staff to understand their responsibilities with regard to water hygiene regulations.

Our staff are highly-qualified and trained and we only use high-quality plant, equipment and chemicals so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible customer service.

Water Treatment

The importance of an effective water treatment regime within any building can never be overstated. Properly designed and managed water treatment programmes not only ensure a system and the associated plant is operating effectively and cost effectively, but can also greatly increase the effective life span of the plant and reduce running costs.

CDI Facilities have developed a comprehensive and cost effective programme of water treatment solutions to not only ensure a system is operating in accordance with the latest guidelines but also to guarantee it stays that way; this comprises Routine Testing, Remedial Dosing, and Pre-Commission Cleaning stages.

Our water hygiene services include:

  • Legionella control and water hygiene services
  • Legionella risk assessment
  • Legionella risk assessment reviews
  • Water system monitoring
  • Routine temperature monitoring
  • Tank and down services cleaning & disinfection
  • Shower head cleaning and descaling
  • Legionella testing and microbiological analysis
  • Water hygiene remedial works
  • Cold water storage tank replacement and refurbishment
  • Thermostatic mixing valve fail safe testing & servicing
  • Drinking water analyisis for potable cold water
  • Water features and fountains services
  • Cooling towers
  • Training
  • Provision of legionella awareness training for client’s staff
  • Water treatment
  • Chlorine dioxide dosing systems
  • Water treatment services
  • Water treatment analysis
  • Closed system chemical cleaning
  • Plant and equipment