Air Hygiene Services


Over time air conditioning and ventilation systems become contaminated and begin polluting; microbiological, dust, and grease contamination can proliferate and present a real Air Hygiene hazard to the building users.

CDI Facilities provide a range of services to keep your Air Handling equipment in good working order.  Our services include:

  • Air Handling Unit Cleaning and Servicing
  • Kitchen Extract Cleaning / Canopy Units
  • Laundry Extraction Cleaning
  • Air Conditioning Units
  • Filter Changing
  • Air Hygiene Monitoring

1. System Inspection and Risk Assessment

Our programmes ensure regulatory compliance of buildings and an investment into the well being of all occupants.

2. Access Doors

CDI Facilities can supply and install doors as part of our package in providing complete air hygiene solutions.

3. Deep Cleaning

We use a combination of techniques to achieve maximum cleaning results – whatever the ductwork configuration.

4. Air Hygiene Disinfection

After cleaning, the system should then be fogged with a biocidal mist to banish any contamination.

5. Certification and Completion Reports

On completion a certificate is issued in confirmation of the works undertaken.

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