Noise at Work


CDI Facilities understands that noise within the workplace can be difficult to monitor and control.

Health and Safety Noise at Work Regulation Assessments

Our noise at work assessments are designed for employers that want, or need to check the noise exposure of employees whilst at work.

Noise at work solutions for Bristol, Gloucester, Hereford, Worcester, and surrounding areas.

We aim to carry out all types of occupational noise and noise at work assessments. What ever your requirements regarding noise at work ranging from noise surveys and assessment to noise at work regulation, training or noise at work safety equipment and personal protection equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We aim to provide noise at work assessments to include a noise survey, noise assessment and noise control / mitigation advice, fast moving consumer goods, re-cycling centers, retail / warehouse or distribution and more.

Where there is a risk of members of staff and therefore employees being exposed to noise above certain levels, there is a requirement to survey and assess the noise under the Noise at Work Regulations. The noise at work regulations themselves give limits regarding noise. This is expressed as the ‘Lower Noise Exposure’ and ‘Upper Noise Exposure’ action value levels. In addition, there are also other noise limits such as ‘Peak’ or ‘Maximum’ sound pressure values which should be monitored. It should be remembered that an employee’s noise exposure calculation should be based on an average of the typical working day, or even a week if required.

When employees noise exposure becomes above the lower action value level, but below the upper action value level, hearing protection must be provided to any employee if requested. However, if the employee’s noise exposure is above the upper action value level then hearing protection is considered mandatory, and should be enforced by management.

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